Cambridge IV 2012

R1: The state should pay a living wage to stay at home parents
R2: Infoslide: There are strong allegations that the Rwandan government of Paul Kagame is funding anti-govenment rebel fighters in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The rebels are ethnically Tutsi and have caused mass violence in the DRC. Several countries have decided to freeze budgetary assistance to Rwanda. Others have chosen not to, claiming that aid has been used effectively to develop Rwanda.Motion: THB all donor countries should freeze aid to Rwanda
R3: THW hold the senior executives of major banks and rating agencies criminally liable for the actions of their companies that led to the Global Financial Crisis
R4: THBT democratic reform is more important than economic growth for China
R5: THBT prosecutors should never offer reduced sentences in exchange for testifying against others
Quarters: TH regrets the rise of 24 hour news culture
Semi: THBT all companies should be at least 75% owned by their workforce, in equal shares
ESL Final: THBT that Japan should not abandon nuclear power
Final: THBT Egypt should provide a military security guarantee against the invasion of Gaza

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