Bucharest Cup 2014

Here are the debate topics from the tournament Bucharest Cup 2014.

Here they are written out:

Round 1: This house believes thatT criminal defendants should only be allowed to use a state appointed attorney
Round 2: This house would not grant lifetime achievement awards to artists when their morality is significantly put into question
Round 3: This house would phase out fractional reserve banking
Round 4: This house opposes the popular trend which encourages people to ‘be themselves’ despite the opinions of others

Semi-final: This house would support a a vigilante terrorist organisation combating violence against women in Africa and the Middle East
Junior’s Final: This house supports compulsory fully privatised health care for people living above the poverty line
Open Final: This house belives that it is in Europe’s best interest to have Ukraine divided in separate pro-European and pro-Russian states

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