1st Hangzhou Winter BP Debate Open

1st Hangzhou Winter BP Debate Open 2013, 13th to 15th December, Hangzhou, China

Round 1: The Zombie Apocalypse is starting in Beijing. There are some infected, some immune, and some uninfected in the city. You are President Xi Jinping,THBT You should bomb the city.

Round 2: In Rural China, to promote gender equality, THW pay families to raise daughters up to the age of 18.

Round 3: THBT China should disallow the remaking of Chinese classical stories (Journey to the West, Tree Kingdoms, White Snake, etc) into movies by Hollywood directors.

Round 4: THB in an Olympics where athletes represent themselves instead of their countries.

Round 5: THBT Sinopec should be denationalized (privatized).

Round 6: THW mandate all citizens, after the completion of a medical degree, to serve in a state run hospital.

Quarter Finals: THBT the state must seek the approval of local communities whose life and environment will be affected by national infrastructural projects (Three Gorges Dam, High Speed Railways, and Nuclear Power Plant).

Semi Finals: THBT the artistic community (artists, writers, film makers, musicians and etc.) have the social obligation to forward social movements’ interests such as LGBT rights, women empowerment, ethnic diversity and etc. in the work they produce.

Grand Finals: TH prefers a world without pain and suffering.

Adj Core: Loke Wing Fatt (Singapore), Samuel Chan (Hong Kong), George Chen (China) and Mark Escay (Philippines)

Info: This and other motions from the series, are taken from Tuna‘s website. Thanks!

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