IDAS starting in less than a week

So, it’s this time of the year again, and the best of the best of the debate trainers from around the world will get together in Ormož again (do check Ormož, Slovenia on google maps, to get an idea, how small the town is 😀 ). Its the International debate academy Slovenia time.

The spots for the whole academy are more than full and we will probably break the record from the previous years and have not one, but two full hotels 😀 There are a couple of places left for the tournament, that will take place at the Faculty for administration in Ljubljana, a great place to be, I must say.

I will not (sad, sad) attend the academy this year, again, RL kicked in, but as I participated in most of the previous IDAS’s I know how much fun it is, so I will join the team both of the weekends, for the arrival day and first lectures on sunday, and the tournament the next weekend in Ljubljana.

I know that the hotel installed a wireless internet system, that worked more or less last year, so do check out my Facebook and twitter for posts, pictures and more. I recomend that you check out Tuna’s blog ( too, and Steve’s ( as I know they will be posting videos and other, Jens ( could be blogging too. 


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