International debate academy Slovenia 2007 motions

Webmaster: I have no idea, how I’ve missed that, posting motions from the best debate workshop there is 😀 Check out the IDAS 2008 announcement  and join us. Here are the motions:

1. This House believes that all universities should have an equal opportunities officer.

2. This House believes the state should provide free education in the languages of ethnic minorities.
3. This House believes that the state should pay for trans-gender surgeries.
4. That this House would remove the right to refuse life-saving medical treatment.
5. This House would take a hard line against Iran.
6. This House believes that romantic relationships between university instructors and their students should be illegal.

This house believes that women should get an equal position in war with men.

This House believes that financial support from the state should be sufficient to live on without requiring work.

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